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Dominique C

Hi John, thank you for your time, effort and the great spore pics plus associated info. As discussed, Hymenopsis typhae in E&E fits the larger of the two species very well.

Your link http://www.asturnatura.com/fotografia/setas-hongos/hymenopsis-typhae-fuckel-sacc/4401.html shows examples which have not ‘opened’. This link http://www.ascofrance.com/recolte/2558/coelomycetes-hymenopsis-typhae is a little more in keeping with the illustration in E&E and the pics below. All of the references are consistent when it comes to the conidia.

First pic shows examples yet to ‘open’, the second some ‘open’ with a ‘groove’.
This collection was made July 13th 2014 just north of Newton Stewart NX4068 VC73 (first Scottish record?).

Unless someone wishes to make another suggestion I am inclined to record it as Hymenopsis typhae. Only 24 records in BMS database and 10 on CATE2 (mostly recorded by the Ellis family), neither has a record for Scotland (how fortuitous you mentioned the asco course)!

I haven’t given up on the little one yet.