Stropharia caerulea 18-10-10 CockfieldCurrently we have about 60 members who happily divest themselves of £8-00 P/A for full membership. Families can join for £10-00 P/A. Well-behaved children welcome. We publish a newsletter on a quarterly basis in which the membership can express their views, have short articles published, submit photographs and by its receipt feel that they are part of a thriving community, even if unable to attend all the yearly events. To contact the membership secretary for further details click here.

Apart from the forays and microscopy workshops we have an Annual General Meeting which is well attended and gives members an opportunity to become involved with the running of their Group.

Of course, the real work is in the collecting, identifying and recording of our foray finds. The latter two functions involve a considerable effort and commitment….our database records now exceed 20,000. By joining us you become part of a much larger organisation with global roots. Your membership can make a real difference to our understanding of the distribution and population of fungi in the North East of England