The following is a list of books/pamphlets/CD’s in the NEFSG Library divided into groups e.g. generalist books, books on a particular genus or groups of genera, books on microfungi, books on myxomycetes, etc.

The library currently resides with NEFSG Chair, Alan Simkins, and the books are regularly brought to the AGM and indoor meetings.

Members are encouraged to borrow from the library. In addition to borrowing at the AGM etc members should email your request to Alan Simkins who will make an arrangement with you to collect.


The Genus Cortinarius in Britain–Geoffrey Kibby and Mario Tortelli–2021

Collins guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools—Lange+Hora–1963

New field guide to Fungi—Soothill and Fairhurst—1978

Collins guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools—Buczacki–1992

Collins guide to Mushrooms and Toadstools—Garnweidner–2012

Handbook of the larger British Fungi—Ramsbottom–1948

Introductory Mycology—Alexopoulos–1962

The World of Mushrooms—Tosco–1973

The Love of Mushrooms and Toadstools—Kibby–1977

Mushroom Magic—Jordan–1989

The Fungi—Carlile+Watkinson–1997

The Great Encyclopedia of Mushrooms—Losange+Konemann—1999

How the Mushroom got its Spots—Assinder+Rutter–2005

Fascinated by Fungi–O’Reilly–2011

The Kingdom of Fungi—Petersen–2012

A National Treasure-Dawyck-Its Fungal Heritage—Watling–2015

Keys to Agarics and Boleti—Moser–1978

Keys to Fungi on Dung—Richardson+Watling–1997

Keys to the British species of Russula—Rayner–1997

Flora Agaricina Neerlandica—Noordeloos et. al.–2001

Keys to British Genera of Agarics and Boleti—McAdam—2010

Funga Nordica–?–?

British Truffles—Pegler–1993

British Puffballs, Earthstars, and Stinkhorns—Pegler–1995

The Genus-Lactarius—Vesterholt–2000

Boletes and their Allies—Watling+Hills–2005

The Genus-Hygrocybe—Boertmann–2010

British Boletes—Kibby–2011

Strophariaceae s.l.–Noordeloos–2011

The Genus-Mycena s.l.–Aronsen+Laessoe–2016

Ascomycetes in Colour–Thompson–2018

Resupinates of Hampshire–?–?

British Rust Fungi—Wilson+Henderson–1966

Microfungi on Land Plants—Ellis+Ellis–1997

Microfungi on Miscellaneous Substrates—Ellis+Ellis–1998

Checklist of Rust Fungi of the British Isles—Henderson–2000

Checklist of Downy Mildews of the British Isles—Preece–2002

The Myxomycetes—Martin+Alexopoulos–1969

A Guide to Temperate Myxomycetes—Nannenga+Bremekamp—1991

Dictionary of the Fungi—Ainsworth–1983

Guide to the Literature for Identification of British Basidiomycetes—Brand–2001

Colour Identification Chart

A Fungi Sketchbook—Wolfe–2006

Fungi Photographs—Bunn—2000-2016


Poland Trip—2013

The New Agaric Checklist and British Records Analysis

The Amateur Mycologist [for Look North]–2010

Mushroom Magic—1989

Mushroom Magic plus extras—1989

2006 UK Provisional BAP Fungi Species—2006

Understanding the Basics—ABFG–2014

Crusts and Brackets—ABFG–2015

Fungi with Spines—FCT–2015


BMS Guidance Notes on Collecting and Recording Fungi—Iliffe+Holden–2004

Pages on Identifying Fungi-Introductory Exercises—Holden–2007

Forayer Magazine—Autumn 2007 to Spring 2019 [with gaps]

Fungi Foray in Poland—Simpson–2013

Red Data Conservation Assessments 2-6—Fungus Consevation Trust–2016-2019