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Keith T

Thanks John – apiculus – yes, a very good point, so to speak. As you imply, something not found on ascomycetes. I’ve had a look through my photos, and can spot only one possible basidium (IMG90).

There are other details I didn’t mention for fear of muddying the waters. IMG63 shows more spore like objects – they remind me of Hypoxylon spores and may be from the black bits of the ‘wart’. I saw a couple of patches in the squash.

I did try to section the wart, but as it was less than 1mm, it turned into the squash! IMG56 shows the edge of the wart. IMG72 is another of the round spores in place. IMG81 was a rhombus like ‘spore’, but there was only one. Similarly IMG86 shows a solitary cell chain.

So I agree, any amount of these things may be ‘acceidental’ – but did they stimulate a reaction?
I went back to the site on Wednesday19/04 but despite having a 10 figure grid reference, found no elf cups at all. It was very dry.

I look forward to the solution presenting itself.