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Tom Kirby

Generally this is as far as we (the NEFSG) need to go in terms of “legal” obligations…and even then, provided that all the required, emphasise “required”, permissions are in place we are essentially covered by double indemnity of the BMS affilliation and ABFG membership. The duality of cover would be a problem if a claim was ever made…but whilst we pay for the ABFG membership because it gives us what we need in terms of cover per foray ie. Official forays of the NEFSG regardless, largely, of the “make up” of the members (ABFG or not,provided that a significantly large percentage, not defined but say 95% NEFSG members),foray “leaders” are not in the consideration.
Of much greater importance is the clear understanding that we do not trespass and that we adhere to “best practice” gudelines.
The “Foray” leader is a titular role which does not extend past the not too onerous task of making sure that parking and route and post-foray arrangements are in place…the production of the “list” of finds takes a little effort but it is a good discipline and help is always to hand.
Any suggestions on improving our foray procedure will be looked at enthusiastically!

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  • This reply was modified 10 years, 5 months ago by Tom Kirby.