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      Tom Kirby

      After an unbelievable foray in Fishburn Nature Reserve, where you cannot put your food on the ground for fungi, I went for a quick one in my local fields (unimproved pasture, mostly sheep grazing).
      I went in October and found very little. Within half an hour, in a field known as Lamb’s Hill, with gorse in full bloom, I found eight species of Hygrocybe (Cuphophylus notwithstanding!),managed acouple of PRIME condition A.arvensis about 200mm across (there were many more but I left them) and uncountable Field Blewitts.
      Mycenas covered almost every piece of rotting wood,mostly by the stream, willow.
      This has all sprung up over the past two weeks. How is it at your neck of the woods?

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      Christine W

      A local field of rough pasture (short grass + Rock Rose over a limestone pavement) has given the best show of Hygrocybe virginea I have ever seen – all in the last two weeks. Several other species thrown in. Better late than never!!

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      John R

      There are still lots here too..and it’s almost T-shirt weather today…:)

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