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      Tom Kirby

      Q) How do I pay in to the NEFSG Account?
      A) a)By cheque made out to NEFSG and given or sent to me at:
      4 Bishopton Crossings,
      Stockton on Tees
      TS21 1NJ.
      b) By BACS transfer to Lloyds (Darlington) Bank Account Name: NEFSG
      Account Number: 01877484
      Account Sort Code: 30-92-52
      Pleae remember to ALWAYS reference you payment with the given allocation followed by four letters referncing YOU!
      eg.For me to Pay for Kielder Event…Reference KIELDTAKI.
      Always NOTIFY me once a payment has been made.
      c) By cash. MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET A RECEIPT…even if it is a piece of wrapping paper from a Kit-Kat bar!
      Q) How can I check on a record of a find?
      A) i) Google CATE2.
      ii) Hit the “Public Access” button.
      iii)Click “Species Records” then click “Filters”
      iv) Put your species in the top box BUT LET THE SYSTEM DROP DOWN FIND IT! Click on the species in the drop down box.
      v) Enter ANY other filters in the boxes below. LET THE SYSTEM FIND the VC if you enter it. Click on the VC in the drop-down box. If you want your OWN records put in your name in this form: Tom Kirby
      vi) Hit the “Filter” button. All filtered results will be displayed.
      Q) What day is it?
      A) It is always Sunday as I have retired.

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