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      Please see below for a message from the RHS:

      Upon return from the BMS meeting
      this week it occurred to be to contact fungal groups to ask for help
      in spreading the work about the RHS Honey Fungus Hunt – a web survey
      open until 1st December 2017 to log sightings of honey fungus

      I am a pathologist at the RHS researching Armillaria, and want to get
      a better picture of how ubiquitous it is and in which contexts
      mushrooms appear. Submission involves uploading photographs showing
      the necessary features for the mushroom ID to be verified (above cap,
      under cap and stipe-side views) plus asks for information on the
      growth pattern including any plant host and its health.

      The survey and all relevant background information can be found on the

      There are new resources available on the website for how to identify
      honey fungus including how make a spore print, plus more detailed
      advice on the management of honey fungus infected beds.

      While the RHS is researching honey fungus to address it as a garden
      disease, any cases of honey fungus are welcomed for submission in this
      survey. I would be immensely grateful if you would be willing to share
      this among your fellow enthusiasts and even broader spheres of
      influence. If you have any questions about the project please do get
      in touch.

      Thanks and best wishes,

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