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      Xylodon radula = Radulum tomentosum on the GB checklist

      Found on dead fallen and attached branches of Cherry (Prunus avium] Normans Riding Wood 14/02/2016.This fits well with descriptions in Buczacki and Jordan where it is called Hyphoderma radula. Pictures show the initial small circular patches then they coallesce into a more effuse mode of growth. The close up photo shows the developement of spines which more or less retain their circular grouping. The spores are cylindrical-allantoid (sausage shaped) mounted in water colourless non amyloid and 2.5-3 x 8.5-11.5.

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      John R

      Also listed as Basidioradulum radula (Toothed Crust) in Buczacki. It looks good to me.

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